“Amur Oil Company” CJSC sells in bulk and small wholesale fuel products (GSM) and offers transit delivery of all light oil products by railway at the manufacturer’s price.

Why is it beneficial to you?

1. We purchase the fuel and motor oils for you directly from the commodity exchange without any resellers.

2. The oil products are supplied at the supplier’s fixed price without extra mark-ups. ANK acts as an operator – you pay us only for the services of oil-storage facility (loading, unloading, lab services and storage).

3. You can use the fuel selection service before its arrival to the storage facility which saves time and ensures the non-stop operation.

Fuel delivery services
We have gas-tank trucks available with the capacity

from 7 000 to 24 000

Acceptance and storage of fuel products

at our oil-storage facilities in
Blagoveshchensk and Belogorsk.

The partnership benefits

1. Cutback on financial expenses due to direct supply of products from the manufacturers at competitive prices.

2. Opportunity to receive the fuel products (GSM) on time.

3. Increase of equipment productivity by decreasing the idle periods and therefore extending the operation lifespan.

Our customers are agricultural companies and farm enterprises of Amurskaya oblast, construction and motor transport companies, factories and gasoline stations.

We’ll be glad to start up a long-term partnership.