Company history

In 1993 a group of enthusiasts lead by a young entrepreneur Pavel Inyutochkin established a company “AmurVETandP”.

Initial capital was formed from the loan money. It was used to purchase Chinese machinery. Soon after the retail locations were spread all over the region. The company was successfully developing until the market crash which struck in 1998 and deteriorated the economic environment in the country.

A lot of companies went out of business, but “AmurVETandP” managed to survive. The reason for this is that it started developing another business type – retail of oil products for the purpose of which a new enterprise was established “Amur Oil Company” (ANK) CJSC. At first they bought one gasoline truck, two more a bit later. Next, the company bought the land property in an industrial area and built an oil depot. The sales were risky: most of the fuel products (GSM) were distributed among the agricultural producers who paid back with grain and soya.

After a while entrepreneurs of ANK decided to diversify into the agricultural business themselves. In 1999 they found an agro industrial business – “Agrocompany ANK”. At first it was made of only one crop farming brigade in the village of Nikolo-Aleksandrovka. In 2000 ANK bought a grain reception center, basically recovered it from ruins. By doing so ANK entered the market of agricultural produce.

In 2002 the agro company purchased the shares of sovkhoz (state farm) “Leninskiy” in Tambovskiy district. This enabled the company to triple the milking herd and get the meat and milk produce processing business going. For the latter the separate special production unit was built. The product line, which entered the market under the brand “MilANKa”, has immediately become popular taking the first place among other brand names of agro produce in Amurskaya oblast. Meanwhile the farming lands for grains and crops increased steadily.

Construction business has become another development direction. First construction projects were gasoline stations. Eleven of them were built in a four year period. New modern gasoline stations were built in Belogorsk, Blagoveshchensk, Voszhaevka, Svobodniy, Raichikhinsk and Shimanovsk. Finally, in 2004, a new company was established under the auspices of ANK – “Amur Construction Company” CJSC. This new company indulged into high-scale building such as construction of apartment and office buildings. Establishment of company’s own construction base started with the purchase and reconstruction of ZhBI (concrete goods) factory. After that, the company gathered its own vehicle park of special construction automotive equipment. In the summer of 2005 the first output was produced by the “Brick production factory of Voszhaevka” built especially to fulfill the needs of “ACC”.

The need to create a managing company that would consolidate various fast-growing businesses became evident by itself.So, in March of 2004 the “ANK Holding” LLC. was established. Today there are 50 top and middle-ranked managers working for the Holding. The establishment of the new managing company led to diversification of the business and creation of new companies, such as Hotel “Ankor” welcoming its first customers in May of 2005.

Company’s significant dates:

December 24, 1993 – establishment of “AmurVETandP”

January 26, 1998 – establishment of “Amur Oil Company”

January 29, 2004 – establishment of “Amur Construction Company”

May 20, 2005 – establishment of hotel “Ankor”

March 30, 2004 – establishment of “ANK Holding”

September 28, 1999 – establishment of “Agrocompany ANK”

Besides, due to the fact that ANK is a highly diverse company and unites people of different jobs, we celebrate professional days almost every month such as Builders’ day, Day of oil, gas and fuel production workers, Agricultural workers’ Day, Healthcare workers’ Day.