About us

ANK Holding has chosen a path of sustainable development taking advantage of all possibilities the market provides with company strategy never changing for the past 20 years.

“ANK Holding” Limited Liability Company is a diverse company.

It is represented by promising enterprises, which ensure the stability of the Holding in general.

Amur Oil Company - one of the Holding’s business lines. The company operates in the oil market of the Amur region since 1998. Sales of gasoline started with mobile fueling stations. The company has grown into a major wholesaler, which has its own tank farm, durable storage tanks and solid partnerships with many enterprises of the Amur region.

Agricultural business of ANK-Holding is large manufacturing – trading group of companies based in Amur region. ANK holds more than 40 thousand hectares of land in four districts of the Amur region, the arable land is 33,000 hectares. Soybeans – is  leading crop for the company. The company also grows wheat, barley, oats. Farming for the ANK is not just land cultivation & harvesting. It’s also soybean processing. Non-GMO soybean harvest  is about 30 thousand tons annually. The first construction phase of an oil extraction plant was completed in 2014. New extraction plant processes up to 200 tons per day and 50 thousand tons per year. Holding's livestock complex consists of 1200 milch cows of red-motley breed.

Already in 2007 the construction division was recognized as the market leader in the residential building in Blagoveshchensk. The company remains a leader today in terms of volume of housing put into operation.So, in 2012 more than 14 thousand sq. m. was built and put into operation, and more than 20 thousand - in 2013.Individual units of the Holding provide a full cycle of preparation of raw materials for the construction: high grades clay bricks, concrete products, metal construction of high-quality German profile «VEKA». Garages machinery is 46 vehicles.

In 2005, "ANK-Holding" started a universal hotel complex, unique in the Amur region. Hotel, café "Vernissage", a coffee shop, summer terrace, fitness center with swimming pool and even a clinic are located in the same area according to the project.